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Case Study

Arizona – Construction Site Arrests

Sites Secured: Residential and Commercial Construction

A security integration company in Arizona was founded to target the security challenges of construction sites. The company was building and leasing Mobile Surveillance Units (MSUs) to contractors and building management companies when they learned of Videofied. After purchasing a Videofied demo kit, they mounted MotionViewers throughout a jobsite to act as portable sentries.

Unique Challenges

  • Reduced security budgets due to construction slow down.
  • Number of false alarms at outdoor sites.

Installations and Results

  • First apprehension at a commercial construction site: 4 days after installation.
  • Crushing a copper theft ring in Goodyear, Arizona: The integrator installed the new system to secure a construction site after a wave of copper thefts. In the following week, police responded to a dispatch and apprehended three males and one female with a truck full of copper from multiple subdivisions—the crime wave was stopped.

Securing a remote storage site: Videofied was the only option for a construction company that had recently experienced over $40,000 worth of damage at a remote storage site. In just 2 hours, the integrator installed a stand-alone system with three outdoor MotionViewers. The communicator/ panel operates up to 4 years on a set of batteries. They put the panel in a NEMA box, tie-wrapped the box to a light pole, and mounted the MotionViewers as discreetly as possible; one in a tree near the buildings, one on a storage container, and one under a trailer. In 4 months, the integrator’s central station had dispatched police who made over 40 apprehensions.

Credit: Keith Jentoft, as seen in Modern Contractor Solutions, September 2009


Videofied introduced a new level of security affordability during the construction slowdown.

“The key to the apprehensions was that dispatchers could immediately see an intruder on-site, and the police responded quickly when they knew the alarm was verified; they wanted the apprehensions.”

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