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Videofied is an alarm system like you've never seen before.

A video-verified alarm can make all the difference for all parties involved:
  • Police: verified response, more arrests, reduced crime
  • Property owners: reduced losses, enhanced peace of mind
  • Dealers: better value proposition, more results, happier customers
Watch the video at right to hear the perspective of law enforcement leaders on priority response and video-verified alarms. Learn More About Videofied Concept See the App

Get Best Security System Dallas TX from Verified Security Solutions

If you are a resident of Dallas or any part of United States then one of the major concerns for you would be ensuring security of your home or workplace when you are away from the locations. One of the best ways of ensuring such security of home or workplace is installing Dallas security cameras. However, Verified Security Solutions has introduced a new concept in the arena.

Change in Concept of Security Systems Dallas TX

Verified Security Solutions has revolutionized the concept of security systems Dallas TX by introducing the new concept of Videofied. Hitherto in the security surveillance camera systems installed the images of people and objects were recorded for future viewing and taking remedial actions in apprehending the wrong doers and preventing the crimes.However the problem was that the recording displayed the events already taken place and while the images recorded in cameras installed in Dallas security systems they did not help prevention of crime. On the other hand the videofied is a different Dallas security and alarm system that sends an immediate alarm to central station in form of a video clipping that helps prevent the occurrence of crime.

You Can Use our Videofied System according to Your Requirements

Videofied security systems Dallas TX can be installed according to your convenience with the support of our highly proficient and professional support team of experts that would be at your side at real times with all assistance and guidance. Videofied has proved useful not only for the traditional locations but also for remote sites as well as outdoor locations with harshest conditions. Whether it is the intense and scorching heat of Arizona desert or the chilling cold of Alberta winters, our Videofied has proved to be the most efficient among the Dallas security systems.It does not matter whether you need the security system for residential or commercial properties as the security system offered by Verified Security Solutions works best for any purpose.

Use Videofied anywhere any time as new or upgrade for existing system

You can use Videofied offered by Verified Security Solutions as preferred Dallas security and alarm systems around anywhere and at any time. The security system can be used as new installation as well as upgrade for the existing security system installed as security systems Dallas TX. Best part of it is that the system is affordable and does not create a dent in your pocket.

If you have problems about installing Dallas security cameras for protection of,your home or workplace; Verified Security Solution has the required solution. Try us; and you will not be disappointed.

  • Upgrade your existing security system

    Upgrade your existing security system

    Videofied is the most cost-effective way to upgrade existing alarm and camera systems.
  • No special networks needed

    Upgrade your existing security system

    The Videofied system transmits video alarms over the cellular network or IP network: quickly, consistently, and without compromising your privacy.
  • Indoor or outdoor, right-where-you-need-it security

    Indoor or outdoor, right-where-you-need-it security.

    First proven outdoors in the most remote locations and harsh environments, Videofied is a completely wireless system that installs anywhere you need it, runs on batteries and sends video alarms over a cellular network or IP network. SEE EXAMPLES


Get peace of mind, even when you're on the go. An interactive smartphone app makes it easy to arm and disarm your system or request a Look-in from any MotionViewer at any time.
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