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Alarm Monitoring Systems

We Make Alarm Monitoring Dallas Easier for You

Are you looking for efficient and effective alarm systems Dallas that can help instant monitoring of the condition of your home of workplace when you are away? We at Verified Security Solutions provide best and most efficient of the alarm systems Dallas that renders monitoring the security of the target location easier and comprehensive for you. When you opt for our product, you will have peace of mind knowing that your home or workplace is secure and in safe hands.

We Have an Enviable Track Record in Providing Alarm System Security Dallas

Over the years Verified Security Solutions has been able to set up an enviable track record as provider of alarm system security Dallas. Established in the year 2011, the company has been serving numerous clients to the best of their satisfaction providing security alarm systems for home and workplaces. This was possible due to invention and introduction of a new security alarm system named Videofied that sends instant alarm to the central station in form of a video clipping.

Our Product Enables Verified Police Response

The alarm system security Dallas we provide at Verified Security Solutions enables a verified police response as the system sends a short video clipping instantly for the law enforcement agencies. Over last seven years the system has established itself as one of the best security alarm systems in Dallas. Verified Security Solutions is presently managing hundreds of monitoring accounts providing alarm monitoring Dallas and has been instrumental in apprehending over 150 criminals that indulged in house breaking activities in different locations. The success resulted in Verified Security Solutions receiving the certification as a Minority Women Owned Business and Hub.

We Will Help You Installing The Alarm Systems Dallas

We at Verified Security Solutions understand that it is the proper installation that can help effective use of alarm system security Dallas. Our highly proficient and professional team of experts will help you in the process of correct installation of the security system in the target location. For this our team will take a stock of the requirements by assessing the space to be covered, the strategic points and angles to cover all the required area and other requirements. The end result shall not only be installation of the top class system for alarm monitoring Dallas but also makes it affordable keeping the cost within your budgetary limits.

Efficiency of the alarm system security Dallas installed by Verified Security Solution not only has helped prevention of burglary and housebreaking but also has created a sense of panic among wrongdoers. Use our most effective system and enjoy.

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