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Preventing Copper Theft

How do you secure the unsecurable?

Copper theft continues to afflict properties all across North America (see NICB’s 2013 report on metal theft) and it can happen in the most difficult and remote places to protect: vacant buildings, cell sites, irrigation systems, rural substations and critical infrastructure, abandoned mines and any locations without power or communication lines. But that’s never been a challenge for Videofied.

A completely wireless video alarm system that installs almost anywhere, Videofied works without power cords, Internet or phone lines. It secures the highest communications tower, most remote construction site, foreclosed properties, and more. The portable remote sentries work exactly where, when and how you need them to stop copper theft and apprehend perpetrators.

Detection, Verification, Immediate Response

Videofied stops copper theft by alerting professional monitoring staff and providing video of the incident for immediate review and dispatch:

  • Motion triggers our MotionViewer with integrated night-vision camera to send a 10-second video clip of what tripped the sensor to the monitoring station, who can send it to the site manager or property owner.
  • Police are dispatched with priority to a verified crime-in-progress instead of a standard response to a typical alarm.

You don’t need power or Internet connectivity for a security system. Just Videofied.

Visit coppertheft.info to learn more about how Videofied can stop copper the

Videofied is a completely wireless video security system that installs almost anywhere – and stops copper theft where it happens.

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