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Outdoor Panel

Part #: XTO-IP630The Outdoor XT Control Panel is designed for securing outdoor and large commercial applications that have adequate cellular reception or an Ethernet/IP connection available. With integrated high-gain RF and cellular antennas, this panel is perfect for protecting outdoor storage lots, critical infrastructure, remote sites and large warehouses. When battery-powered and communicating over cell, the Videofied system is completely portable and can be moved to new locations (construction sites, vacant homes, storage lots) as the security needs change.

This panel is rated for extreme temperatures and comes in an IP65 waterproof NEMA case with a simple mounting bracket for pole, corner and flat wall mounting.


Product Details

Communication to devices 915 MHz RF (military grade)
RF range up to 500 ft (varies by property type and environment)
Communication to central station Cellular or Ethernet (Dynamic or Static) with cellular backup
Power options PP1 (4 D-Cell Lithium batteries) or PP4 (12V DC power supply with backup Alkaline batteries; required if using Ethernet connection or using programmable inputs and/or outputs)
Operating temperature range -20/+140°F (-30/+60°C)
Wireless zones 24
Wired inputs 3 programmable (i.e. hardwired zones), 2 arming
Arming modes 3 (stay, away, perimeter)
Arming options Alpha keypad (XMA621, WMB621), Prox Tag Arming Station (BR651), Remote (RC601), schedule, VideoApp4All or other smartphone app (conditional, see Notes), existing burglar alarm panel relay trigger to Videofied arming inputs (when panel is in Xtender mode)
User/access codes 19
Notes For system interactivity with VideoApp4All or another smartphone app, Videofied control panels require a power supply (PP4) and Ethernet for communication.

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