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Ethernet-only W Panel

The Ethernet-only W Panel is designed for securing residential and small commercial properties where an Ethernet/IP or Wi-Fi connection is available. Modular expansion allows for:

  • Wi-Fi communication to customer router (see WWB100 Wi-Fi Board)
  • Inputs and outputs for upgrades to existing burglar alarm systems and integration with third-party devices (see WIO100 Input/Output Board)
  • A wired indoor siren (WIS100 Wired Siren) that can be attached to the panel or detached

Product Details

Communication to devices 915 MHz RF (military grade, spread spectrum, AES encrypted)
RF range 250-500 ft (varies largely by building type and environment)
Communication to central station Ethernet/IP (Dynamic or Static)
Power option PP5 (12V DC power adapter) or PP6 (USB power supply)
Operating temperature range +14/+131 °F (-10/+55 °C)
Device capacity 24
Wired inputs 1 programmable/arming (WIO100 Input/Output Board required)
Wired outputs 2 programmable (WIO100 Input/Output Board required)
Arming modes 3 (stay, away, perimeter)
Partitions 2
Arming options Alpha keypad (XMA621, WMB621), Prox Tag Arming Station (BR651), Remote (RC601), scheduled arming, VideoApp4All smartphone app, existing burglar alarm panel relay trigger to Videofied arming inputs
User/access code capacity 49

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