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Case Study

Tucson – Arrest with a Temporary System

Site Secured: The Battery Warehouse

The Battery Warehouse in Tucson, AZ had been hit multiple times by thieves who had cut through the property fence and snuck out the stolen batteries. The business had installed a conventional system in their main building but intruders broke in again and again, undeterred by the motion sensors with lights. A Videofied integrator approached The Battery Warehouse and suggested Videofied as a monitored system to deliver the arrests that would stop the pattern of theft that was costing this business thousands of dollars in losses. The owner at The Battery Warehouse agreed but wanted to install the system the next day so the integrator employed a temporary Videofied system to cover the property until the equipment for the complete install arrived.

Installation and Results

  • Temporary Videofied system installed Saturday, May 15th. There were no occurences that night.
  • 2:42 AM – Monday morning, May 17th, operators at the central station receive a video of intrusion from the Videofied system. (videos 1 and 2)
  • 2:44 AM – The central station operator dispatches Tucson PD and calls the primary responsible party for the property.
  • 2:55 AM – Multiple Tucson PD officers arrive on site (video 4) and arrest the individual seen in videos 1-3.

The property manager related that the cops weren’t too excited about responding to an alarm from a property with a non-verified system. But in this case cops rushed to the property with the confidence in a confirmed intrusion by the Videofied MotionViewer and central station operator.

Cops won’t be in any hurry to get to a property where the installed security system has a history of false alarms or is likely to send them.

But for a property with a Videofied system, cops race to respond knowing that there is a visually confirmed burglary-in-progress.

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